From waste to super insulator with Aerobel! With the increasing importance of climate impact, CO2 reduction, and circularity in construction, the importance and demand for better and more sustainable products will only increase. Since we always start from an abundant natural waste material in the development of all our products, we not only help to reduce the amount of waste but also complete the circle! We offer sustainable insulation solutions that perform better technologically (best insulation value in the world), environmentally (from waste to super insulator), operationally (easier to install and increased productivity), and economically (TCO is often lower than current solutions on the market). All this has a direct effect on the end user, who not only sees the value of their building increase (better energy class, circularity, etc.) but also sees their fixed cost of energy decrease!

Thanks to our unique, vertically integrated, patented production process, we can open the niche market of AeroGel to the world and more specifically to the building sector. AeroGel is a super-insulator that is also superhydrophobic, non-flammable, and an excellent acoustic insulator. This makes AeroGel useful in a wide range of possibilities within the construction industry. AeroGel is fully circular and significantly reduces waste. The lifecycle assessment even shows that our production scores 40% better in terms of sustainability than other products.

A derivative of our AeroGel is our AeroBinder, which we use in our patented and European-certified AeroMix SHP insulation system. AeroMix SHP has become the best insulating EPS mortar system in the world, with a lambda value of 0.037 W/mK. Compared to our competitors, we were able to increase the insulation factor by 30%, tested under the same conditions. Due to the low cement consumption, we not only reduce the carbon footprint by 38.5 to 50% but also increase productivity from 60 m³/day to 120 m³/day. Moreover, this also has a positive effect on the carbon footprint of transportation to the site. Placing twice as much product with the same quantity translates into half the number of transports required for the same job site.

One of the key components in the AeroMix is our AeroBinder, developed specifically for use in cementitious floor insulation. AeroBinder’s unique 3D microstructure improves thermomechanical properties and optimises product pumpability. AeroBinder increases workability and improves strength in the early stages of the process. We are currently preparing for the introduction of AeroMix FPU, with which we have been able to completely eliminate cement. In addition to a lambda value of 0.032 W/mK and a noise reduction of 31 dB, this product is also CO2 neutral. 100% recyclable!