Approximately 2.2 billion people lack access to safely managed water, and 80% of these people live in rural areas. The conventional solution, i.e. a centralised water supply, results in drinking water loss (approx. 30%), is expensive (50,000 to 250,000 euros/km piping), vulnerable to failure, and is not fit for rural areas. People living in rural areas and remote communities are faced with large distances and/or contaminated water sources. BOSAQ provides a sustainable solution to this challenge. We are a circular water technology company, headquartered in Deinze, in the steep scale-up phase. Our vision is to build a world where everyone has access to clean, safe water. We provide water technology solutions to two target groups in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

It provides containerised solutions to companies to help make their process water use circular (B2B) and it provides decentralised water technology solutions to governments to provide communities in remote areas with access to clean, safe drinking water (B2G). To date, our innovative technology, Q-Drop, has enabled approximately 20,000 people (including women and children) to access safe, clean drinking water easily while eliminating carbon emissions (approx. 1,380 tonnes per year). It is transforming the lives of communities from the jungles of Suriname to remote areas in South Africa, from providing water to schoolchildren in their playground in Rwanda to aiding people in war-torn Ukraine. We are also helping companies make their process water use circular. In our recent projects, Q-Drop has saved 400 m³ of drinking water from the public network by using alternative sources for high-quality process water production. In another project, we have built two pilot solutions for use in West Flanders, to pre-treat domestic wastewater effluent (Aquafin treatment plant) up to a source for drinking water production, and to purify the collected rainwater up to the desired water quality for sub-irrigation. We can achieve this impact due to our innovative Q-Drop technology.

It is a stand-alone, plug-and-play, modular water technology that can be used anywhere and in any climate. It can be powered by renewable energy and is 100% CO2 neutral. It purifies any source of water (river, lake, rainwater, borehole) into high-quality drinking water while requiring minimal maintenance. The energy storage systems in the Q-Drop units are optimised to achieve maximum CO2 emission reduction. It is completely automated, is monitored remotely, and predictive maintenance is performed through AI. The most important innovation of Q-Drop is the elimination of chemical handling, storage, and transport by producing all the needed chemicals for periodic membrane cleaning on-site to ensure maximum performance throughout its entire lifespan. All of this helps us achieve the lowest total cost of ownership with maximum operational control through chemical-free operations to maximise sustainability.