Brussels Beer Project (BBP) aspires to lead the way to a more sustainable beer sector, embedding impact in its DNA since its establishment in 2013. As one of the early European breweries certified as a B Corp, BBP stands out as a pioneer in environmental governance, embracing circular economy principles, adopting bold export policies, and championing regenerative agriculture. We are pushing the boundaries to change the game and balance growth, ambition, and sustainability in the way that makes the most sense for us and our communities. We started making international headlines a few years back with the creation of the first circular economy beer globally, named BABYLONE, brewed with unsold fresh bread.

This groundbreaking initiative now allows us to recycle around 8 tonnes of bread annually, showcasing our commitment to sustainability. Our award-winning initiative gained recognition from renowned British chef Jamie Oliver and has since inspired dozens of breweries worldwide, amplifying our impact. Brussels Beer Project has grown much further than its local or national borders. We have successfully exported our craft beers to 4 continents and over 20 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Japan, Korea, and Australia. However, recognising the environmental consequences of faraway exports, we made a conscientious decision to pivot in 2022. While exporting goods internationally is a profitable economic model by nature, it was not consistent with our approach as it involved transporting beers in one-way plastic kegs for thousands of kilometres in refrigerated containers. While we are the only Belgian brewery (maybe even company!) to stop distant exports to reduce our ecological footprint, we managed to raise a debate across the sectors and hopefully inspire other ambitious businesses to shift their models.

Our focus for the coming years is now on climate change mitigation and pollution prevention. That is why we strongly believe in regenerative agriculture, which we see as part of the solution, thanks to its impressive ability to capture and stock carbon while increasing land fertility and structure in the medium to long term. Despite our size, BBP is already a leading purchaser of local regenerative barley in Belgium. Our commitment materialised in 2023 with the launch of TERRA PILS, the first Belgian pilsner made entirely from 100% regenerative local barley. Major national retailers will carry this groundbreaking beer and list it in 2024.

Looking ahead, we aim to source 75% of our barley locally by 2025, fostering innovative, regenerative agriculture practices with local farmers. BBP envisions driving Belgian brewing into the 21st century with the ambition to be recognised as the Patagonia of beer before this decade ends. Rooted more than ever in collaboration, experimentation, and positive impact, our mission is to inspire a new generation of economic models that are positive for our planet. Our vision is gaining momentum in a sector dominated by giant industrial players with endless advertising capacities. Thank you for your support and for helping us in this journey. We can only truly scale our work by getting our story out there and inspiring others!