Composil’s best friend is an office carpet tile. We take good care of our friends. One square metre of these carpet tiles is equivalent to approximately 5 kg of refined petroleum. Sending our friend to the incinerator is equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2 for a 1,000 m² set. That’s why Composil wants to change things so that carpets don’t go up in smoke. Composil ReUse was created to provide the first structured way of recovering office carpet tiles, by reusing them and recycling them when reuse is not possible. Our project has two main components: the dismantling service and the sale of reused carpet tiles. A turnkey dismantling service is offered to any company wishing to valorise its old tiles. After a detailed audit, during which we identify the tiles that are potentially reusable or not, they will be removed, reconditioned, and stored by a sheltered workshop. The non-reusable tiles will be recycled by a carpet manufacturer into new tiles.

On the sales side, reusable tiles will be put back on the market to meet the growing demand for reused materials. The development of our solution will enable us to meet the demand from different target audiences with products that are almost equivalent to new, but at competitive prices and with a positive impact on their carbon footprint. Today, most of the project is being carried out in countries where the Composil group is active, i.e. Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, where it is now well developed. Logistics and operational processes have been tested and approved. With a stock of 32,000 m² at the end of 2023, Composil ReUse offers a wide selection of mid- and top-range circular carpets. A pleasant surprise was that we were able to sell our reused tiles throughout Europe, as demonstrated by our regular sales to a client in Sweden. In 2023, we were able to save more than 111,000 m² of carpet tiles on deconstruction sites from the incinerator and sold more than 20,000 m² of reuse tiles.

After a first full year in business, with only a modicum of marketing, turnover from this new activity is approaching 700,000 euros. On a per m² basis, both revenues and margins are higher than the Composil group’s traditional activities (5.7 million euros in carpet cleaning). We can clearly see that the project is a European one, and we want to shift up a gear by franchising the entire Composil Group business model. We have no regrets about our decision to put sustainability at the heart of our strategy by becoming an impact company. We want to be the European leader in our activities to maximise this impact:

—environmental: recovering as many m² of carpet tiles as possible
—social: integrating as many sheltered workshops as possible locally: 34 FTE will be created by the end of 2027, with 9 FTE for the Composil group
—economic: sustaining the business model for years to come.

Composil now has a circular solution (Use/ReUse/Recycle) for its old best friend, the carpet tile.