Gramitherm Europe SA produces unique grass-fibre thermal insulation batts branded GRAMITHERM. This is a unique solution in the world for a negative carbon footprint made with ‘waste’ grass (cut and collected from nature: public domains, municipalities, wetlands, roadsides, etc.). GRAMITHERM does not use grass intended for the animal feed chain. The biomass collected locally is defibred and transformed into thermal insulating panels protecting against cold, summer heat, and humidity. The panels’ noise absorption levels are extremely high and deliver a high ratio of air quality. The impact of GRAMITHERM is highly positive for the planet: 1 kg of GRAMITHERM batt captures 1.5 kg of CO2e. These products have a lifespan of 60+ years. Easy to install and non-irritating, the batts are ready to use for interior and exterior purposes, in both new construction and renovation projects, especially in the timber-frame modular systems.

GRAMITHERM is now on the market in the Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the Nordic countries. GRAMITHERM benefits from a European Technical Approval and is referenced as a B-EPD on the TOTEM database. The Solar Impulse Foundation has labelled GRAMITHERM as a negative-carbon solution. Gramitherm Europe SA is active in Wallonia: the line capacity is above 200,000 m³ per year. The location of the manufacturing line in Auvelais fits into a regional ecosystem and valorises proximity with raw materials and clients, frugality in energy consumption, and the circular economy as the GRAMITHERM batts are fully recyclable.

GRAMITHERM is probably the insulation material with the lowest carbon footprint in the world, produced with short circuits and ethics, made to valorise nature. This is a breakthrough in insulation materials and a brand-new solution to reduce energy in the building industry by using abundant biomass, working with local resources, and preserving forests. The grass is green… sustainable… and local.