Impacts from too much or too little water due to climate change are increasingly in the news every day from floods to long droughts, and more. Climate-adaptive water management has become more precious than ever for the environment and people. Leuven-based HydroScan helps governments, companies, and citizens cope more ‘climate robustly’ with too much or too little water, thus evolving into a smart water solutions provider. As water experts, we offer solutions using technology (in-house and third-party developments) and real-time data, combined with our knowledge.

Two result areas:
1. Our NRWCOCKPIT™ helps drinking water companies detect leaks and drastically reduce drinking water losses.
-worldwide, more than 20% of drinking water is lost through leaks in public drinking water networks. In the meantime, Belgium has started to reduce this, partly thanks to HydroScan. Figures for Flanders: decrease from 17.1% water loss in 2020 to 15.3% in 2022.
-we first developed the LeakRedux® leak detection software and then the decision support platform NRWCOCKPIT™. This is an open platform that also provides third-party algorithms and data to our clients. Leak detection algorithms continuously compare current data with normal expected consumption, which is how leaks are spotted. NRWCOCKPIT™ supports water companies in their day-to-day leak management: from data collection, leak detection, and precisely locating leaks (including AI and digital twin deployment) to repairing and renewing networks.
– NRWCOCKPIT™ has helped to reduce water losses at De Watergroep, Vivaqua, and Pidpa since 2020. Annual savings potential when fully rolled out at these clients is 18 million m³ of drinking water. This corresponds to the minimum required clean water consumption* for 2.5 million people. *According to United Nations standards
-in 2023, we achieved the first eight foreign clients. By 2030, we are aiming for eighty foreign clients. Annual savings potential forecast: 76 million m³ of drinking water.

2. HydroScan’s HYDROPORTAL helps to conduct operationally focused climate-adaptive water management.
-HYDROPORTAL is our open decision support platform project in climate-adaptive water management. HYDROPORTAL comprises both software and service solutions.
-our Flood4cast® Masterplanner allows us to set up digital twins, simulate and quantify floods and solution scenarios, and generate remedial measures concerning floods and droughts. HydroScan helps local governments in their prevention and protection policies against too much and too little water due to climate change. Examples of remedial measures include infiltration basins, areas for water buffering, green-blue redevelopment of public areas, etc.

Additionally, HydroScan’s Flood4Cast® flood forecasting helps local authorities, companies, and citizens to be prepared, anticipate and mitigate damage, and even save lives when flooding does occur. Real-time precipitation radar data is linked to internally developed flood maps. The technology then predicts the flooding impact of heavy precipitation up to a few hours in advance, down to the district level.

HydroScan provides climate-adaptive water management support to VMM, SPW, 100 Belgian cities, municipalities, and provinces, and utility companies. For Flanders alone, this means services for an area of 6.8 million citizens. Internationalisation is off to a promising start. HydroScan achieved its first three German clients with Flood4Cast® in 2023 and has two implementation projects in Vietnam with seven million citizens included in the scope.