JUUNOO is a Belgian scale-up founded in 2017 that produces interior walls typically used in offices. At the end of their lifecycle, JUUNOO walls add value by allowing you to reuse them rather than cost you money to dump them. This strongly contrasts with traditional interior walls, of which as much as 300 billion euros’ worth is dumped yearly, which JUUNOO founder Chris Van de Voorde describes as “a stupid waste of money and resources that accounts for 1.05% of global CO2 emissions”. The impact of making a circular shift is of utmost importance for future generations and their prosperity, which is why the company is named after the founder’s two children, Juul and Noor.

JUUNOO is the answer the founder will give to his children when, in 20 years, they ask him, “You knew about climate change back then, so what did you do about it?” JUUNOO promotes a positive alternative to the current throwaway economy by adopting circular design principles. After usage, you can easily dismantle the wall and turn it into valuable building components. You can either use these components to build a new wall for yourself or sell the building kit back to JUUNOO. The cost of dismantling, repairing, and transporting is significantly lower than its residual value, thus giving the products an unprecedentedly high circular value and opening the door to product-as-a-service business models, like circular discounts and leasing.

In essence, with JUUNOO, you pay for the system’s value, not for the labour to build or dismantle it. The result is a beautiful, acoustic, and strong wall solution, with 80% less embodied carbon than other systems. This is why it is being implemented by companies such as Deloitte, Industrious, and Cofinimmo on two continents. JUUNOO aims to become the global standard for interior walls by 2030 by replacing single-use drywall. This significant industry shift will inspire the biggest single-use sector – construction – to accelerate its move towards a circular economy.