Dear Changemakers Panel,
We are excited to present Renewi’s most ambitious and forward-thinking project to date – RACE (Renewi’s Advanced Circular Economy) – for consideration in the Changemakers competition. This initiative, based in Ghent, Belgium, represents a significant leap in waste management and recycling, propelling us towards a truly circular economy.

Project Rationale and Scope: At the heart of RACE is the development of an advanced sorting installation, a project triggered by the new VLAREMA 8 Regulations. However, our vision extends far beyond mere compliance. We aim to drastically exceed these requirements, reducing the total share of the residual fraction that goes to conventional incineration by 35-45%. This ambitious target surpasses the minimum investment needed to meet VLAREMA 8 commitments, setting a new standard in waste management.

Innovation and Technology: The cornerstone of RACE is an industrial pilot installation in Ghent, which will serve as a model for subsequent implementations in Puurs and Limburg. This cutting-edge installation is a testament to our commitment to innovation, utilising a unique combination of technologies to shift our focus from inbound materials to producing high-quality outbound monostreams. The goal is to achieve a recycling rate of over 50%, significantly higher than the typical sector range of 15-25%. In line with this vision, Renewi aims to evolve into a ‘waste-to-product’ company, emphasising the transformation of waste into valuable products, thereby aligning with our sustainability and resource efficiency objectives.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability: Our project aligns seamlessly with Flanders’s environmental objectives, aiming to position the region as a recycling hub and a world leader in sustainable innovation and materials management. By maximising the recovery of raw materials from waste and anticipating the needs of emerging recycling technologies, such as chemical and biogenic recycling, RACE is a giant leap towards a more sustainable future. Our efforts contribute directly to Flanders’s objective to recycle at least 50% of the recyclable fraction of household and commercial waste by 2030.

Societal Benefits and Global Leadership: RACE is not just an investment in technology; it’s an investment in society. By reducing our reliance on raw materials from abroad and supporting the development of a robust recycling sector, we are contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world. Our project sets a new benchmark in recycling technology, not just in Belgium, but across Europe, cementing Renewi’s position as a leader in the circular economy. Changemakers – A Platform for Growth and Collaboration: Participating in the Changemakers competition offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our innovative project, exchange ideas, and collaborate with like-minded visionaries. It’s a platform where we can amplify our impact and learn from others, fostering a collective movement towards sustainability.

In conclusion, Renewi’s RACE is more than a project; it’s a bold statement of our dedication to environmental stewardship, sustainable innovation, and the circular economy. We believe that our project embodies the spirit of the Changemakers competition and look forward to the opportunity to share our vision and achievements with a broader audience. Thank you for considering our application.