Solutions for climate change are urgently needed. The world is still short of renewable electricity, but renewables are ramping up fast, driven increasingly by the boom in solar energy. However, renewable fuels and chemicals are currently lagging behind. More than 65% of global energy consumption still consists of fossil fuels. This must change as soon as possible. Solhyd harnesses the power of the sun to produce renewable fuel anywhere on the planet.

We have developed hydrogen panels that are the equivalent of conventional solar panels but directly produce renewable hydrogen gas. We call it golden hydrogen: it is 100% renewable and does not consume any grid electricity. Hydrogen panels don’t require liquid water, they don’t require an electrical grid, and they don’t require rare materials. Many people refer to it as a game-changer.

Hydrogen panels only require air and sunlight. They enable renewable hydrogen production all over the world, from large-scale industries to small companies and remote communities. The technology can help the industry to phase out fossil fuels, it can help countries like Belgium to reduce energy imports, and it can support the transition to an economy running on renewable electricity and renewable fuels, without additional stress on the power grid.

Hydrogen panels are a 100% Belgian technology. They were developed at KU Leuven and are now being commercialised through a spin-off company. Solhyd is located near Leuven, where the panels are also being produced, and received an investment from Belgian investors and entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, we are ambitious and have an international outlook. This technology has the potential to have a global impact, at a scale similar to solar panels today. Our team of seven (and growing) enthusiastic people works every day to make that happen.