Pirrouet® CO2 negative facing bricks by Vandersanden. Pirrouet® marks a groundbreaking development in the construction industry, a true game-changer that integrates sustainability at the core of building practices. As the very first CO2-negative and circular facing brick, Pirrouet® sets a new standard for sustainable construction. The unique production process utilises advanced carbonation technology, with each facing brick absorbing a remarkable 70 litres of pure CO2 during production, making a tangible contribution to reducing the ecological footprint. What truly sets Pirrouet® apart, in addition to its commitment to sustainability, is the technical and aesthetic excellence it offers. The innovative use of mineral by-products from the steel industry, comprising up to 80% of Pirrouet®, not only contributes to reducing waste but actively promotes material reuse, thereby diminishing the need for extracting primary raw materials.

Our production is powered by green electricity generated from our own solar panels and a wind turbine, avoiding reliance on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting the use of renewable energy. The facing bricks not only meet but exceed stringent European ceramic standards for compressive strength, flexural strength, frost resistance, and UV resistance. This ensures durability and resilience, contributing to the longevity of construction projects and reducing construction waste.

The result is a sustainable and aesthetically refined solution that not only meets the technical demands of the construction sector but also imparts a distinctive character to buildings. At Vandersanden, we see Pirrouet® as a step towards a more sustainable future and a contribution to global efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. We take pride in presenting Pirrouet® as tangible evidence of our commitment to sustainability and as a tool to have a positive impact on both the construction sector and society in general. Pirrouet® is not just a facing brick; it represents a vision of change, a symbol of progress in the construction industry.

By choosing Pirrouet®, we collectively take a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future. We invite everyone to join us on this journey and transform the construction sector, moving it towards a more ecological and aesthetically responsible future.